Pasha Marlowe, MFT

Global Neurodiversity Speaker, Consultant, Coach

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Pasha has a unique "behind the scenes" perspective. Using her decades of professional experience and lived experience as a multipy-neurodivergent person herself, Pasha leads with storytelling, case studies, and large doses of vulnerability and humor. She has worked with organizations around the world who want to expand their DEI efforts and strategies to include neurodiversity, disability, and gender-affirming practices.

Neurodivergent & NeuroQueer Coaching

Looking to redefine your neurodivergence from an affirming and less pathologizing place?
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NeuroQueering Podcast

Come listen to conversations with neurodiversity-affirming professionals as we challenge, rethink and reframe systems and institutions through the lens of the neurodiversity paradigm. Hosted by Pasha Marlowe.

Hi! I'm Pasha (she/they)

For over 30 years as a mental health professional and coach, I have focused on supporting underrepresented people, specifically those who identify as neurodivergent, disabled, or LGBTQIA+. I am passionate about depathologizing and destigmatizing differences and encouraging people to see each other’s strengths, rather than deficits. From a place of compassion and respect, relationships flourish and cultures transform.

As a speaker, consultant, and Forbes recognized neurodiversity expert, I teach organizations and schools around the globe how to create cultures of neuroinclusion, where neurodiversity, accessibility, and mental health are centered. Once systems are in place to best support neurodivergent and disabled talent and everyone has an equitable opportunity to thrive, organizations will see an increase in retention, engagement, productivity, problem-solving, collaboration, and innovation. Those who strategize with me to create cultures of neuroinclusion will stand out as one of the few places that non-performatively implement neurodiversity-affirming and accessibility practices.


"Pasha Marlowe is a trailblazer"


Future Trends Expert

"With an abundance of energy, a unique personality, and a talent for innovation, Pasha stands as the dynamic speaker you require to breathe new life into your workplace or campus culture."


Diversity Director

"Pasha brings an unmatched level of simplicity, clarity and light-heartedness to the complex imperative of building belonging in our intergenerational workforce."


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