Mission: Neurobelonging

Creating cultural tranformations of neuroinclusion and psychological safety in workplaces around the globe.

Pasha Marlowe, MFT

Specializing in coaching/training:

*Neurodiversity-Affirming Practices at Work

*Workplace Wellness and Psychological Safety

*Neurodivergent Adults and Couples

*Midlife and Menopausal AuDHDers
(scroll down for mini-movie on Pasha's philosophy)

Neurodivergent & NeuroQueer

Looking to redefine your neurodivergence from an affirming and less pathologizing place?
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Seeing clients remotely and in-person in Yarmouth, Maine.

Group Coaching

Oodles of learning, support, inspiration, accountability, authenticity, friendship, and FUN every week all year long!
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2 LIVE calls with Pasha a week ALL YEAR LONG for $99/mo (regular price $149/mo)

NeuroQueering Podcast

Come listen to conversations with neurodiversity-affirming professionals as we challenge, rethink and reframe systems and institutions through the lens of the neurodiversity paradigm. Hosted by Pasha Marlowe and Sonny Jane Wise.

Online Courses

Current course "Same Bed, Different Brains" for neurodiverse couples.

Sometimes, ,you just want to blast through a class on your own. Come check out the courses made just for you - no new notebooks necessary.


As a trauma-informed family therapist and coach for neurodivergent individuals, couples, and groups for the last 30 years, Pasha has a unique "behind the scenes" perspective. Using her professional experience and lived experience as a multipy-neurodivergent person herself, Pasha leads with storytelling, case studies, and large doses of vulnerability and humor. She has worked with organizations around the world who want to expand their DEI efforts and strategies to include neurodiversity-affirming practices, inclusive design, and intersectional allyship. Pasha finds that whether she is speaking with stakeholders, ERG groups, or C-Suite leaders, there is a desire to improve mental health, psychological safety, and overall wellness at work. She especially encourages leaders with privilege and power to hear and elevate the voices of underrepresented and marginalized employees.


Watch this short empowering movie to learn about Pasha and her neurodiversity-affirming philosophy

Hi! I'm Pasha!

I am a trauma-informed marriage and family therapist turned neurodivergent & neuroqueer coach, who identifies as multiply-neurodivergent, queer, and relentlessly curious.

I work with individuals, couples, and groups who want to celebrate their strengths and reclaim their worth as they navigate the challenges of living with a neurodivergent mind.

Know what to do, just struggling to actually get it done?

Been there. That's why my coaching is NOT cookie cutter AuDHD coaching. Instead, we get to the root of these issues (hint: it is NOT about time management, planners, and timers). If you're ready for help from someone who truly understands your bodymind, let's talk!


Patty P.

"Pasha is an amazing couples coach. She helped my husband and I rekindle our relationship in and out of the bedroom. Sometimes we get so used to each other we forget to see our partners through the eyes of the world, as unique, talented and brilliant people"

Charles R.

"I have no idea how Pasha keeps up with my fast-paced thinking and talking and then ask creative questions I never considered asking myself, all which allow me to go deeper into my self-awareness. She is a genius!"

Sally R.

Pasha's coaching group change my life. This is not a light-hearted platitude. It really did change my life. I met brave and courageous women, facing their own truths, struggles and pain. I found a place where people could relate to me and I could relate to them in a spirit of 'me too, and it's ok'

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