A Journey to Neurobelonging

Collaborative and empowering coaching for neurodivergent individuals and couples who seek a sense of belonging in a world that wasn't made for them.

Are you...

Looking to redefine your neurodivergence from an affirming and less pathologizing place?

Ready to celebrate your strengths and reclaim a sense of belonging and worth as you navigate the challenges of living with a neurodivergent mind?

An innovative and creative person at work, but you struggle at home with mundane tasks?

Wanting to reconnect with your partner but find it difficult considering your different brains?

Feeling as if you are burning out from work, expectations, socializing, or even boredom?

Paralyzed by negative feedback or criticism, but encouraged to change your whole life based on one compliment? (hello, rejection sensitivity!)

A neurodivergent and/or queer person who has had trouble finding therapists or coaches who understand and empathize with your challenges? I got you!

You are not alone!

These are all common concerns for neurodivergent individuals and couples. When you coach with me, we will get to the root of these issues (hint: it is NOT about time management, planners, and timers).

We will be looking at WHY you repeat patterns, end up in the same arguments or situations time and time again, procrastinate, experience difficulty with emotional regulation, and burnout so quickly. We will explore the impact of past traumas, illnesses, and fears of rejection or abandonment, but we will have an eye on the future and be action oriented.

Our conversations will be inclusive, strength-based, affirming, empowering, fast-paced, sometimes intense, always unique/intuitive/creative/humorous, and specifically designed around your personal and professional dreams and goals.

I specialize in:

Entrepreneurs, therapists, and executives who need someone to hold space for them.

Couples with ADHD/Autism/Trauma and any combination of multiple-neurodivergence

Neuroqueer, queer, LGBTQIA+, poly communities

Chronic illnesses (including lyme, mycotoxin illness, anxiety/PTSD, and chronic pain)

Midlife, menopause, and life transitions

Parents/empty nesting

Intuitive/soul-centered energy work

About Me

Pasha Marlowe, MFT, is a trauma-informed marriage and family therapist turned coach and consultant with 30 years of experience working with neurodivergent individuals, couples, and groups. She is also a professional speaker who works with global organizations on creating cultures of neuroinclusion and neurobelonging™.



Single Session


  • One 60 minute

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    session for one client


Single Session


  • One 60 minute session for a couple


3-month Program


  • Ten 60 minute sessions for one client and between session support

  • $500 savings


3 Month Program


  • Ten 60 minute sessions for a couple and between session support

  • $500 savings

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Pasha's hilarious, whole-hearted and empathetic approach is the perfect alchemy for unlocking past pain and releasing the truth of who we are in this world.

Debbie B.

My wife and I have been going to Pasha for couples coaching for 6 months. We were on the brink of divorce and through her wise and witty guidance, we are still together, communicating daily and learning to love each other again.

Alex A.

Pasha Marlowe has been a constant in my life now through some pretty big challenges and I wouldn't have wanted any other coach supporting me, laughing with me or leading me to understand my journey.

Kate W

Pasha is an amazing couples coach. She helped my husband and I rekindle our relationship in and out of the bedroom. Sometimes we get so used to each other, we forget to see our partners through the eyes of the world, as unique, talented, brilliant people.

Patty P.

I have no idea how Pasha manages to keep up with my fast-paced thinking and talking and then ask creative questions I never considered asking myself, all which allow me to go deeper into my self-awareness. She is a genius!

Charles R.

As someone well versed in the coach and mental health field, it can be difficult to find the right fit. I feel eternally grateful Pasha is part of my support network for many months now. Personal growth is a lifelong journey for me. Having two neurodiverse children and being neurodiverse myself, I am always looking to explore a better way to exist and thrive. Pasha holds space to help me grow. She gently pushes me to create new systems and connections in my life. Pasha is at the top of my list of coaches I would recommend.

Tracy H

Pasha is extremely knowledgeable about what sets ADHDers apart and how we tick. She's helped me look at things in ways I never imagined and her creativity has been incredibly helpful in getting my life back on track. Pasha helped me to be organized, motivated, and happy.

Pat R.

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